I wish I had known


In this book I draw from 30 years’ experience, from my professional beginnings to when I reached the C-Suite and from my mentoring work with people who seek to progress in their company or who do not feel comfortable or recognised.  Thanks to this journey, I have identified the key strategies for executives and teams to reach their full potential and, above all, to protect their well-being.

I share experiences and anecdotes that will make you smile and with which you may personally identify. I also include exercises, learning techniques and reflections, which you can use in your professional

Marketing, finance, engineering, administration … whatever your skillset, there comes a time when technical knowledge, even if you are brilliant, ceases to be enough.  So what is?

It is about your personal growth, getting to know yourself better, taking care of your relationships, communicating well, knowing how to manage change, living a balanced life and much more, which you can find in this clear, structured and easy to apply

Someone who trusted my methods — after overcoming a complicated situation — told me, «I’ve gone from feeling like a clumsy penguin to a flying penguin.» His words inspired this cover and, in the same way, I hope this book will be a source of inspiration for you.

Shall we begin?



A practical guide for your professional development at work.

Theory, anecdotes and exercises to get you where you want to be without overwhelming or betraying yourself.

You will receive a copy signed by the author.


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