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Susana is a highly experienced CFO, and mentor, with over 20 years of international experience in multinational companies. A Chartered Accountant (FCA) who qualified at PWC, during her career she has made the most of change, being proactive to reach the C-suite. Susana is a natural entrepreneur, having founded and sold a successful business. She is a great communicator and leader of people with a collaborative and approachable style.

Susana provides mentoring and consultancy to accompany professionals, and entrepreneurs, in their development. She will accompany you whilst you make progress in your career faster, with increased confidence, personal satisfaction and wellbeing.

Her objective is to help you reach your full potential at work whist taking care of yourself. She does this by helping you better understand and manage two dimensions:

Your external environment:
Developing your capabilities and gaining new perspectives to navigate your surroundings in all directions with success. Supported by the methodologies Susana has developed and practical tools to help you tackle the situations you face.

Your internal environment:
Increasing your level of self-awareness and improving your wellbeing. You will do this by identifying your internal dialogue and promoting your care as a human being whilst you develop professionally.

Susana is passionate about sharing the learnings from her career, having had the opportunity to work within multicultural teams in several countries, in global companies as well as start ups. She shares her experience to help aspiring professionals find their own strategies and solutions. In addition to mentoring, she promotes the profesional and personal development conversation in a variety of ways such as workshops, talks, podcasts, writing and her blog. She confesses that she will never stop evolving, learning and changing.

Position: Profesional Mentor and consultant

Sector experience
Professional Services – Travel and Leisure – Media – Retail and Commerce – Digital and Technology – Entrepreneurial – Charity

Leadership – Change management – Operational effectiveness – People – Communication – Influencing – Relationship management – Self-awareness

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