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“Working with Susana in GrowCFO has been an absolute amazing experience. Her boundless enthusiasm and energy are infectious, making every interaction both enjoyable and productive. What truly sets Susana apart is her unique ability to strike the perfect balance between support and challenge. She pushes us to reach new heights while providing unwavering support every step of the way, and has a similar impact during individual mentoring, and group coaching, and workshop facilitation.”


In the complex current business and work environment, facing challenges that affect self-esteem and engagement is inevitable. The lack of confidence or motivation not only deteriorates people’s personal experience but can also have a significant impact on productivity and talent retention. However, there is a powerful solution: cultivating confidence and self-awareness in individuals.

Keynote speeches and workshops

The three ingredients of the method I integrate into my talks and workshops to make them unique and memorable:

Methodologies: Created from patterns I have discovered in my extensive professional and personal experience in multinational companies.

Personal stories: With engaging examples that illustrate each situation so that participants can connect with their personal reality and enjoy the journey.

Powerful questions and practical exercises: So that each person can adapt the pattern, considering their circumstances and find their own solutions.

These motivational talks and workshops are designed to address these specific needs in both business and educational environments. In the business realm, they can help HR departments increase employee retention, improve the work environment, and strengthen leadership within the organisation. On the other hand, in the educational sphere, we work with training schools for executives and professionals, helping to develop effective leadership and improve student learning.

The standard services are tailored to various logistical and temporal needs, such as:

Additionally, these sessions can be customised to meet the specific needs of your company or school, providing concrete examples and relevant case studies.

What sets me apart? A unique and personalised method, an approachable and entertaining style, combined with exceptional communication skills, ensures that participants feel connected and motivated to explore their potential to the fullest.

If you’re looking for a transformative experience that drives the personal and professional growth of your team or students, you’re in the right place! I’m here to help you unlock the true power of your collaborators and provide valuable experiences to your organisation or educational institution.

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