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I will send you free Evaluate, an self-enquiry exercise that I use in all my mentoring processes and one I have perfected over the years. An exercise that I recommend to all readers of my book to do before, during, after reading it and from time to time.

It’s a good way to know how much of a priority it is for you to read my book, or to dedicate your time to improving your non-technical skills in the professional field.

And in any case: When was the last time you stopped to consider whether the goal you are pursuing and the path you are on is the right one now? This is a good opportunity to do that.

And if you have also bought my book and sent me your comments

You will participate in my quarterly draw for private mentoring for 3 months, tailored to your needs, to help you in your professional development. This is the package I usually provide, at the cost of € 1,900, but that I have now stopped offering.

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Why don’t you offer personal consultancy services?

With the channels I have and references through word of mouth I am unable to commit to any more, and true to what I write about in my book, I want to take care of my own needs too. That’s why I’ve decided to partially change my focus by dedicating my time to books and other group activities with which I can reach more people.

Why, then, do you give away a mentoring package?

Because to improve and complete my future projects, I need to work directly with people who have read it and had that experience. This way we are of mutual benefit to each other, it is the best way I have to improve and surely someone will benefit too.

Why the requirement to submit my feedback if I have already bought your book?

Because I do not want to waste my time, nor yours, as that would prevent someone who really needs it, or has a real interest, benefiting and this is the best method I have found.

What if my comment are negative?

I’m not going to tell you that it would be better, but that is absolutely fine, we learn from everything and from negative or skeptical criticism too, and I, personally, love challenges, so feel free to give me your honest opinion.

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Send me an email with your honest opinion or, if you prefer, think of three things you liked and three that you didn’t or could be improved.