“Mentoring with Susana exceeded my expectations. Her 360 holistic approach to mentoring went beyond me getting guidance on my career. It was a balanced approach that helped me improve on other aspects of my Life. She left me with the ability to self help myself and get answers to things that niggle at me.”


Through mentorship, I aim to be your guide in professional or business development, providing support in both defining and executing an action plan that leads you straight to the goals you wish to achieve.

Mentorship takes on two key forms:

  1. Development Mentoring: A roadmap for the overall progression of your career, professional direction, or business project.
  2. Focused Mentoring: Centered around specific challenges to help you improve areas already identified as key objectives in your trajectory.

This service is available for both individuals and companies seeking to support key individuals in their talent pool.

I provide mentorship via two ways: Mentorship Programmes and On-Demand Mentorship.

Mentorship Program

During this process, you will explore your own identity, define clear and achievable goals, create a personalised action plan, and have my support during execution if you choose to. You will utilise your own resources along with my relevant personal and professional experience tailored to your situation.

Your action plan will address two fundamental aspects: a professional one, focusing on practical aspects to help you achieve your goals, and another related to your well-being, to preserve your physical and emotional health along the path you embark on.

Together, we will delve into powerful questions, such as:

This personalised process follows a four-step model:

  1. Assessment: We will explore who you are, your current concerns, and your work-related, physical, and emotional goals.
  2. Purpose Definition: We will break down your objective, its significance, the barriers in your path, and the resources available to gain a comprehensive view.
  3. Action Plan: Through meaningful conversations, you will identify specific actions that will bring you closer to achieving your purposes. Your commitment to implementing these actions will be the engine of change.
  4. Support: Between sessions, we will maintain weekly contact via WhatsApp to sustain the momentum of your change process and provide the necessary support.

We will embark on this journey together through regular meetings in person or via Zoom.

The duration of the mentorship will depend on your needs. The minimum support to cover the first three steps of the process is four sessions, with a monthly session for approximately three months.

Once this initial phase is complete, we can schedule personalised follow-up sessions at the frequency you prefer.

Send me an email if you are interested in the mentorship program, as we need to have a free exploration call to assess if this program, and myself as a mentor, is the right choice for you.

Ad-Hoc Mentorship

There are times when you may not require an extensive mentoring program that spans several months. However, the need for specific support in key areas of your professional journey can arise. My “Ad-Hoc Mentoring” service is designed to provide you with that assistance in targeted situations.

During this one-on-one mentoring session, we will address a topic of your choice that you can select in advance. The topics we can cover are diverse, and some examples include:

To reserve your session, I recommend coordinating the date and time beforehand via email or LinkedIn. Once confirmed, you can make the payment by clicking on this button. Upon confirmation of your order, I will send you the link for our mentoring session.