I wish I had known

I have written it for three reasons:

1. This is how I can share my method and notes with anyone starting in their careers, especially young professionals who can make the most if it, and not just the executives that can afford private mentoring.

2. This is the best way I have found to reduce my waiting list and save the little time available in my diary.

3. To create a useful guide for anyone interested in improving their career, so that they can learn to prioritise and work on the fundamentals, access my methodology to make the most of any course, mentoring process or further study they may undertake, whether with myself or others.


All young professionals entering the workplace in multinational companies, those that are further in their careers and also entrepreneurs.

In any case for individuals with an excellent academic background albeit with some lessons yet to be learned about the challenges they will have to face, that they would normally develop over the years through trial and error, and wishing to find other ways to accelerate such learning.

In this book:

I draw from 30 years’ experience, from my professional beginnings to when I reached the C-Suite and from my mentoring work with people who seek to progress in their company or who do not feel comfortable or recognised, or simply would like to improve.

I share experiences and anecdotes that will make you smile and with which you may personally identify. I also include exercises, learning techniques and reflections, which you can use in your professional career.

PS: If you don’t like the title, or you think it is too commercial, I confess: I didn’t like it at the beginning either. However, if you are a reader beyond 50 that came across it out of curiosity rather than need you will definitely tell me, as others who suggested the title did: I wish I had known!

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Digital and paper formats. Editions in Spanish and English

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Summary of the book launch held in Marbella coinciding with International Entrepreneurial Women’s Day.

Including opinion and comments by Bernard Fay, accredited by his extensive experience as ex-president of UHY Global with more than 8,000 professionals across the world

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Digital and paper formats. Editions in Spanish and English

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