How are you feeling today?

We can go through a number of emotional estates every day. The positive ones are of course great, but the bad ones can let us down. Becoming aware of them in the moment can be valuable. That way instead of letting ourselves run away with our emotions we can learn to manage them.  

Our CRASH state is particularly useful to recognise. This state can be recognized because we are Closed, Reactive, Analytical, Separated and Hostile. This prevents us from assessing the situation in a balanced way, managing out environment well and feeling good.  

The CRASH state can manifest in different ways for each of us. Their style will depend on our personality and moment in our lives. My CRASH state makes me feel deflated, sad and isolated from others. Other people can loose their rag, showing anger and frustration. 

Being able to identify our own states is important. When we are in a CRASH state we are not objective and have negative thoughts. It is probable that the feeling of isolation is not caused by actual rejection by others, or that our anger is not totally someone else´s fault. Paying attention and realising that we have entered into CRASH can help us manage the situation: breathing deeply, not saying words we’ll come to regret, postponing a decision.  

So ask yourself: When I loose it, what do I usually express? How do I feel? Once you have spotted your pattern, you´ll catch yourself, take a step back and come out of it more quickly in your day to day.  

Also, if you manage not only to identify it but also what triggers these states you can even prevent them. Well, I don´t always manage it but I certainly try. 

And you, do you know your CRASH state well? 


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