What do many barriers you face at work have in common?

The relationship with the person that you need can be improved.

Relationships are a SUPER important part of success in any organization. We know that in our private lives, looking after them through time and with effort.

The same principle applies to relationships at work, yet somehow many of us don’t put this on our list of priorities. Focusing on our own work is not enough to be seen, effective and make progress in our career.

We are in the middle of a system, an environment 360 degrees around us.

Knowing that territory and navigating it properly can be a powerful tool. That way we can achieve influence, the things we want, being heard and ultimately feeling happier.

Working on our 360 map is like planting every day to collect the fruits at the right time. Watch out as it is about developing authentic relationships based on the things that bring you together. It isn´t always easy but if you focus on the joint opportunities instead of the barriers you will make it. Put it in your diary like any other activity.

I have a challenge for you as a starting point:

  1. Think about superiors, colleagues, direct team and the net work in other departments or organisations.
  2. Draw your own 360 map, identify people and groups with power.
  3. Consider the quality and quantity of your relationship with them.
  4. You will identify people that may have the key to achieve your objectives where the relationship could be improved.
  5. To finish, create your own action plan to improve those connections in a proactive way.

I hope it helps and let us know how you get on.


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