What is your plan B?

Have you been waiting for something to change without success? Are you attached to a plan A that doesn´t happen? Is there something in your life that doesn’t add value any more? 

A plan B can be the first step to come out of situations that will never improve. For instance, you may have been waiting for a promotion at work that doesn´t seem to arrive; that the business you have put so much effort into starts making a profit; that the person you like starts to notice you; or that a toxic relationship improves.  

Sometimes we are so blinded by our plan A that, even when we have done everything possible to achieve it and failed, we don´t even contemplate the possibility of an alternative. One of the most powerful questions we can ask ourselves is: what if it doesn´t happen? What would happen if I continue to pursue this goal unsuccessfully?  

These questions can be like a bucket of cold water. They can help us react and take charge of our life and situation again. After all, a plan B can open the way to wonderful things that we haven´t even considered because of our attachment to our original plan. 

Of course it is great to have dreams and pursue them. However, when we are in a state of paralysis, where the thing we want and have worked for doesn´t happen, it can be good to pause and reconsider our options.  

There are always new things to explore that can bring us positive things, even if they are not what we originally wanted. It´s better to keep moving forward with new projects tan remain paralysed by expectations that are impossible to achieve.  


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