Purpose = focus + performance + learning

This weekend I have been looking after my health learning a new activity called Qi Gong. It is a traditional Chinese practice that combines physical exercise, breathing and mental attitude with the aim of improving well-being. I have learned many interesting things that have reminded me how important our attitude and purpose are when doing things.

Every day we make many micro-decisions that have an enormous impact on our life experience and the results we achieve at home, work and on our health. One of those choices is whether to apply real purpose or not. So what’s the difference?

Intention helps create focus and concentration.

When we put our heart into what we do, time flies and our mind calms down. This gives us the opportunity to enjoy the process more and practicing mindfulness in everything we do.

Such concentration enhances our performance.

Paying full attention to what we do activates our abilities, using them in the best possible way to deliver our best performance.

These conditions are ideal for learning.

The learning process is one of the most valuable things we can achieve from anything we do. Making this reason alone worth the effort of being purposeful. Even if the results are not as great as we’d like.

When we do things half-heartedly we don’t maximise our performance, nor enjoy the process and don’t learn as much as we can. It is like eating a piece of cake that is a bit dry, just not worth the calories.

What choice will you make today?


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