What is self-confidence to you?

Confidence is indispensable to make progress in our careers and in life. It is the pillar that supports us to have the courage to do new things and step out of our comfort zone.  

Having confidence and showing that we have it helps make other people have confidence in us too. That way they will support us and give us new opportunities. 

We are not born with confidence. It is something we can build on, like a tower stone by stone, using our life experiences as evidence. We have a lot of resources and every day we have the opportunity to use them. Demonstrating to others, and ourselves, that we are capable.  

Starting to make note of our capabilities is a good way to build authentic confidence, based on our truth. Being faithful to ourselves and honest with others. 

I encourage you to keep a personal notebook. You can use it to write down positive thoughts about yourself and examples of the things you do well to reinforce your confidence. 

It’s not about making things up or being arrogant about our capabilities. It’s about being honest with ourselves. Leaving aside the embarrassment to recognise the good things we bring to the table and managing our internal critic. We all have confidence crisis at times. If we let doubts run away with us we can come to a halt. 

We can also change our concept of confidence. Feeling confident all the time is not realistic. Being prepared to take steps despite not being 100% confident is in itself an achievement. It is important to value the positive things we bring to the table instead of aiming for perfection. That way we move forward adding credit to our confidence account. 


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